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The Real Meaning Of Customer Care

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Since 13th December 2014, customers suffering from food allergies can now expect you to be fully-prepared to cater for them.


After all, it is now a legal requirement.

The Anaphylaxis Campaign, supporting people at risk from severe allergic reactions, was founded by David Reading OBE, whose daughter died after eating a dessert containing peanuts in a Debenhams restaurant

Already this year, there has been the highly-publicised case of a 18-year-old student who died as a result of eating a chicken dish in a Manchester restaurant that she should never have been served.

In January of last year, a man died as a result of eating a takeaway curry. The restaurant owner has since been charged with manslaughter by gross negligence.

In another high-profile case, a customer secured a payout after taking legal action against a London cafe because she was served a cupcake containing cashew nuts.


As a responsible caterer, I am sure that the well-being of your customer is already your top priority.


However, unfortunate events can befall the best of us.


For your own sake, and that of your customer, it is essential to be aware of how serious an allergic reaction can be and make absolutely sure that you do everything possible to prevent one happening in your business.

"I Can't Afford The Time Or Money To Comply With The Legislation"

At a recent seminar, a delegate actually said this to me.

The real question is Can You Afford NOT To Comply?


Compared to the potential financial penalties, damage to your reputation and the possibility of being responsible for causing your customer serious harm, the low cost of prevention is surely a no-brainer investment.

I Can't Afford It

MenuAnalyser Will Make It Simple For You To Comply With The Legislation For Less Than The Cost Of A Cup Of Coffee A Day

MenuAnalyser can provide you with comprehensive nutritional and allergen information for every dish on your menu in a format that your serving staff can use to handle the majority of questions that your customer will ask. 


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