Three Steps That Put You In The Driving Seat

MenuAnalyser is an internet-based service that gives you access to a database containing over 3000 ingredients with all the nutritionals calculated from calories through to vitamins, minerals and cholesterol levels.

MenuAnalyser has been designed with the busy kitchen in mind. It is easy to learn and easy to use. Very little training is required!

Step 1 - Enter Your Recipes

As simple as writing out your recipe. As you build your recipe, the costs and nutritionals for an individual portion of your dish are updated in front of your eyes.

Step 2 - Fine-Tune Your Recipes

You can experiment with different ingredients and portion sizes to ensure that each serving is under 500 calories, suitable for a coeliac or at a specific selling price. Yes, MenuAnalyser will automatically calculate your gross profit and VAT.

Step 3 - Create Your Menus

You may create any number of menus that can contain any number of recipes including sub-recipes.


Take Control Of Your Business

Accurate Recipe Costing Reports

Ensure the profitability of every portion that you serve. Click here to see an example.

Supplier Order Lists

Provides you with a shopping list that tells you the exact quantities of ingredients that you need to order at recipe or menu level. No more under or over-ordering.

Nutritional Reports

Accurate nutritional information for every dish on your menu. 

You can choose how you wish to use this information. You may decide to print some or all of it on your menu or only for specific dishes. Or you may use it to enable your waiters to provide a well-informed service to your customers by being able to advise them about their menu choices with total confidence.

Enables you to create dishes for customers with special dietary needs or those wishing to lose a few pounds.