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Facts About Egg Allergy


Eggs are the most common allergy among children. Its symptoms usually occur in a few minutes and may vary from mild like rashes, vomiting, nasal inflammation, and hives to severe anaphylaxis. Its symptoms are quite similar to other food allergy although in most of the cases, its main symptom is Eczema which is a skin condition that will remain throughout life while causing periodic outbreaks of rash.

Egg is a nutritional food and hence it is quite hard to avoid but the people who are allergic to egg need to avoid eating eggs. The allergy from egg occurs by the proteins present in them. However, several egg substitutes are available which can be used in a recipe with a little creativity.

An allergy to eggs is the only result of misidentification of certain proteins which effect the immune system. Instead of recognizing that the egg proteins are safe, they declare them as dangerous invaders. It then starts releasing an antibody named as immunoglobulin E to battle with the specific allergen. In contrast, the antibody again sends a host of chemicals to fight off the egg allergens; one of those chemicals is histamine which is responsible for many allergic symptoms which a person feel as the immune system wages the war on egg proteins.

Sources of Egg

Some of the common foods that consist of eggs are: Mayonnaise, Lysozyme, Meringue, Ovalbumin etc. Besides these, egg may sometimes be found in baked goods, Lecithin (E322), Marzipan, Nougat, Macaroni, Marshmallows, Pasta and much more.

Important Points to Consider About Egg Allergy

If any child or person is allergic to eggs, then it is always recommended to discuss with a doctor. No matter how mild it is, its severity can vary each time it occurs. If possible, visit the doctor at an instance when the allergic reaction is occurring which will help assist in making diagnosis and better treatment too. If prescribed, always keep an auto injector for immediate and emergency treatment.


I am currently putting together an ‘Egg Allergy Report', which you will be able to download from our website, very soon.

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