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Title A-Cumberland sausage with red wine rosemary and lentils
Author Rick Stein
Portions 4
Created 16th February 2015 09:58 am
Weight (Per Portion)

One portion of this dish weighs approximately 211.00 Grams

Recipe Ingredients
Ingredient Quantity Allergen Warnings
Lentils, puy, cooked225 Gram
Oil, olive3 Tablespoon
Wine, red300 Millilitre
Garlic2 Clove
Onions, shallots, raw2 Medium
Rosemary, fresh10 Gram
Pepper, chilli, red, raw1 Medium
Tomato, sun dried6 Bulb/Head
Parsley, raw2 Tablespoon
Salt, sea1 Pinch
Pepper, black1 Pinch
Sage, fresh1 Cup US
Special Dietary Requirements Suitability
Allergen Warnings
Nutritional Information (Per Portion)
Nutrition %GDA Range
Energy Kcal 262
Protein 14.20%
Other Carbohydrate 11.94%
Sugar 0.58%
Fat Saturated 9.89%
Fat Unsaturated 19.76%
Fiber 11.18%
Sodium 68.47%
Salt 71.33%
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Recipe Method
1. Drop the lentils into a pan of boiling salted water and cook for about 15 minutes until tender, but still with a little bit of bite left in them. They will be cooked a little more later on. Drain and set aside. 2. Pass two large metal skewers diagonally through the sausage to keep it in place during cooking. 3. Brush the base of a large, deep frying pan with 1 tbsp of the oil and place it over a medium heat. When hot, add the sausage and fry it for 8-10 minutes, turning it over half way through, until nicely browned on both sides and cooked through. 4. Transfer to a baking tray, cover loosely with foil and keep hot in a low oven. 5. Pour the excess oil out of the pan, return the pan to the heat and add the red wine. 6. Increase the heat and allow it to boil vigorously until it has reduced to about 3 tbsp. Pour the reduction into a bowl and set aside. 7. Add the remaining oil to the pan and add the finely chopped garlic and shallots, rosemary, sage and chilli (seeded and chopped). Fry over a medium-high heat until the shallots are soft and lightly browned. 8. Add the sun-dried tomatoes, lentils, red wine reduction, beef broth and some salt and pepper and leave to simmer gently until the liquid has reduced slightly and the lentils are tender. 9. Stir the chopped parsley into the lentils and spoon them into a warmed shallow serving dish. 10. Put the Cumberland sausage on top, remove the skewers and serve