Recipe Details
Title Poached egg with tomato fondue
Author Raymond Blanc
Portions 1
Created 16th February 2015 09:35 am
Weight (Per Portion)

One portion of this dish weighs approximately 390.00 Grams

Recipe Ingredients
Ingredient Quantity Allergen Warnings
Sage, fresh1 Unit
Oil, olive1 Teaspoon
Garlic1 Clove
Tomato, cherry, raw150 Gram
Salt, sea1 Pinch
Pepper, black2 Pinch
Chives, fresh1 Teaspoon
Vinegar2 Teaspoon
Egg, chicken, free range, whole, raw1 Medium
Bread, ciabatta50 Gram
Pork, crispy bacon, cooked100 Gram
Oil, olive1 Teaspoon
Rosemary, fresh0.5 Gram
Thyme, fresh0.5 Gram
Sugar, granulated1 Pinch
Special Dietary Requirements Suitability
Allergen Warnings
Nutritional Information (Per Portion)
Nutrition %GDA Range
Energy Kcal 643
Protein 79.11%
Other Carbohydrate 14.96%
Sugar 6.32%
Fat Saturated 59.09%
Fat Unsaturated 50.00%
Fiber 5.75%
Sodium 91.68%
Salt 95.62%
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Recipe Method
1. For the bacon crisp, preheat the oven to 170C/330F/Gas 3.