Welcome to the Menu Analyser help pages. We have provided these help pages so that you should be able to find the answer to any question you have, but if you need to contact us please use the contact link from the top menu.


Q What do I do if I can’t find an ingredient for my dish?

A Just drop us an e-mail and we will add this for you.


Q What do I do if I have a special ingredient for my dish?

A Send us all the nutritional information per 100g/100ml and we will add this for you.


Q What is the break-down for the GDA’s?

A Calories 2000kcal

Protein 50g

Carbohydrate 260g total

Sugar 90g

Fat 70g total

Saturated 20g

Fibre 25g

Salt 6g


Q Breakfast/Wrap Sodium/Salt is this correct

A Wrap, wheat flour – 0.87g

57g, bacon rashers – 2.10g

113g, premium sausage – 2.09g

The total salt content is just over 5g which explains why the GDA is 90%


Q How much salt is in other brands of sausage?

A Richmonds 2.2g of salt per 100g, Sainsaburys Butchers Choice 2.12g per 100g,


Q How much salt is in other brands of bacon?

A Other brands contain around 4g per 100g


Q How much oil should be added for deep-frying chips?

A We recommend allocating 250 millilitres of vegetable oil per 1 kilo of potatoes deep fried


Q What does GDA stand for?

A Guideline Daily Allowance


Q How many nutrients should you have for breakfast?

A 20% for breakfast


Q How many nutrients should you have for lunch?

A 30% for lunch


Q How many nutrients should you have for dinner?

A 30% for dinner


Q How many nutrients for the total amount of snacks should you have per day?

A 20% for total snacks per day



Q Is it off putting for customers to see the number of calories on my menu?

A We used to get asked this question all the time, but once restaurants understand the benefits of putting the number of calories beside each dish, the customer feels they have more choice and feel that they are making the right decision with more knowledge being displayed.  We have also found that restaurants are selling more. A customer who is on a diet does not think they can eat a starter and a main, but when the calories are displayed, they can see that a starter with say 100 calories and a main with 500 calories are alright to eat


Q How do I show the number of calories on my menu?

A You can either print the number of calories next to the appropriate dish or you can use our QR code


Q What is a QR code?

A QR code is a little box with black dots in the middle. Your customer will be able to view the whole of the nutritional information on the particular dish that you decide with their smartphone


Q How can I make sure that my waiters/waitress know if a particular dish on  the menu is suitable for a Coeliac?

A Once all your recipes are enterend into the MA system. You can either use the Special Dietary Requirements Overview or the Allergen Matrix. All your dishes on your menu will be displayed in a matrix and your staff will instantly be able to help your customers with the full knowledge at hand

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